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cold at the end of March, the luxury business ushered in the first major news: in 2016, the Ministry of finance, the General Administration of customs and the State Administration of Taxation issued three ministries in March 24 cross-border retail electricity supplier import tax: since April 8, 2016, China will implement the cross-border e-commerce retail (business to consumer, or B2C) and import tax policy. Synchronous adjustment parcel tax.

on the surface of policy tightening, and not hinder domestic luxury electric providers to continue cultivating the enormous potential of the market.

March 30th, the well-known luxury glamour settled Tmall, jointly announced the glamour cat Huitian luxury goods flash purchase channel officially launched. Another well-known local luxury electricity supplier Temple library is scheduled to formally launched on the 28 of this month, the new APP platform, I bought my shot". This new platform in 3 months of the test period will be a total turnover of up to more than 2 billion products." Temple Library China CMO Yang Jingyi on twenty-first Century economic news reporter pointed out.

On the one hand,

is increasingly standardized tax policy, on the other hand is a new attempt to broaden the trading platform. After the tax reform, the game will China luxury electric providers how to continue?


in advance: financing and tax

had a number of media reports over a number of luxury electricity providers have access to a new round of financing in 2015. According to the reporter, in July last year, Alibaba announced a $one hundred million investment in the charm of benefits, becoming its largest shareholder, the shareholding ratio of over 50%. Subsequently, the luxury goods business platform Temple library announced $50 million E round of financing; and serves network B round of financing in the 4 years after the re announced $30 million C round of financing; at the end of last year, Fifth Avenue announced tens of millions of yuan from the source stone capital, A round of financing capital circulation.

last year, luxury brands in the domestic contraction front, turn off some of the stores located in the two or three line of the city, while the luxury electricity supplier has begun to borrow the new integration of capital in the domestic luxury market staking. However, the reform of the tax system of cross-border electricity supplier good times don’t last long, in March this year to allow cross-border electricity supplier industry had to face the loss of luxury dividend policy may arise after the shock.

A data report from

Bain’s 2015 show that Chinese, luxury consumption fell by 2%, while the China consumers overseas consumption has increased, in Japan, Europe and South Korea increased by 251%, 31% and 33%.

cross-border electricity supplier to expand the scale of imports and rapid growth, the objective of the general trade import goods formed an unfair competition, but also led to the loss of state revenue." Liu Shangxi, President of the Chinese Academy of finance, said in an interview with other media.

March 15th, Rhodes center of public relations and jointly issued the "accurate Market Research Report" shows that China luxury goods, luxury goods in the online purchase, accessories and beauty products is the most popular category, but consumers in the purchase of watches and jewelry are more inclined to the next line store goods >;