After a lapse of three years, the new story will be very sexy thunder

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DoNews June 25th news (reporter to close) listed crashed in the US in 2011, after a lapse of three years to rally the thunder, finally will be the flag of victory to the United States nasdaq.

the evening of June 24th, the thunder listed for trading on the Nasdaq Stock Code "XNET", the opening price of $14.21, $12 higher than the issue price rose 18.4%; the closing price of $14.90, or 24.1%, market capitalization of more than $1 billion.

and listed 3 years ago to give investors the story is different, the thunder will no longer be listed as key video packaging, they hope to use the cloud concept, millet router, a new packaging make only superficial changes, the story is more beautiful.

first listed abortion

2002, thunder by the United States, Duke University computer master Zou Shenglong and Cheng Hao co founded, is well known because it provides users with accelerated video download service.

Through the

download PC client obtains the domestic market monopoly status did not let the thunder harvest. Due to the changes in the environment, the gradual popularity of broadband, Internet users rely on the download is also increasingly reduced, which forced thunder initiative to the video, games, membership transformation.

until 2011 to open the first time the pace of the United States market, the thunder in the prospectus of their position, has been downloaded from a simple tool for the rich Internet media content platform.

at that time, the thunder’s business model is very simple, online advertising, pay value-added, games and other services. From the operating data disclosed in the prospectus can be seen, in 2011, the thunder network advertising revenue accounted for 51%, accounting for nearly $25% of value-added, games and other services accounted for about 24%.

but at that time did not provide a big environmental background to provide an excellent opportunity to market. On the one hand, in 2011 the thunder pre roadshow, Longtop financial scandal erupted, Alipay VIE time triggered the credit crisis, the largest IPO year has shrunk dramatically to 60% and a series of negative capital market events for the thunder faced valuation cut; on the other hand, video copyright dispute, is also a direct result of thunder undervalued".

however, Internet commentators Hong Bo believes that in the IPO documents submitted, Zou Shenglong and the founding team has to take into account the risk brought by copyright, more is because then trapped in the market trend, the Underwriters in the collection of investors intention not to end the thunder team gave up the listing plan.

other commentators thinker also said that in 2011 when the thunder can be listed, the biggest problem is not the copyright, but the key still depends on the profitability of the company scale, can let many people in which the consumer is very important.

accelerate business transformation

stopped at NASDAQ on 2011