A5 professional DC evaluation platform on-line

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virtual host evaluation network (www.idc5.com), based on the IDC industry B2C transactions (B:IDC manufacturers, C: the main site and enterprise customers), relying on A5 station network (admin5.com) has 7 years of history of a large number of owners, individual owners and businesses around, we will IDC businesses, people webmaster and enterprise users IDC terminal consumer groups, seamless docking, ensure the safety of both parties, is committed to creating the most professional China host trading platform.

own technology development of the platform after the optimization process closely, not only to the sellers, management and sales more simple and quick, but also to allow buyers to browse, buy, more smooth. Virtual host evaluation based on A5 webmaster network large user groups and too many to count active users of resources, in order to create a Chinese host industry’s most professional evaluation platform, the platform to allow more owners have more choices under various companies but also to give a show.

site not long after the establishment of new, welcome IDC settled, published their products. Also welcome to assess the quality of the various companies to monitor the company.