And ten billion levels of financial platform is always an amazing history of investigation!

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and a total investment of over 30 billion of the financial platform was seized by the police in Shanghai, involving a total of more than 130 thousand people, of which more than 60 years old investors on more than 20 thousand.


April 6th, Zhong Jin Asset Management Co., Ltd. was arrested on suspicion of criminal offenses, as of press time, the official website of the assets have been displayed in the capital can not be opened. The police notice in the district office, the police informed investors take the contract, payment vouchers and other materials to the Local Economic Investigation Detachment report.



it is reported that in recent years, the core assets of the group had planned to charter flights abroad, due to some reasons can not be reached, the current suspected executives have been controlled.

according to the latest announcement issued by the central, as of April 1, 2016, the first phase of the fund raised a total of 5 billion 260 million yuan of funds, plans to raise funds of $260 million. According to the first financial daily reported that as of February 10, 2016, the volume of the total amount of $10 billion financial platform has exceeded 34 billion yuan, involving a total of more than 130 thousand people, of which more than 60 years old investors on more than.

according to the surging news reports, the actual control of Xu Qin in Shanxi assets began in Shanghai and other provinces investment registered more than 50 subsidiaries in the early 2012, with the name "Shanxi partner" defrauding investors trust, illegally absorb a lot of money. Currently, located in the future of the assets of the first floor of the assets of the central Shanxi brothers in the door has been closed.


background introduction

assets in the capital of the country too Investment Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd., the subsidiary, the current assets of the central bank has been closed, and its associated financial services network is still in operation. "Shanxi financial service network" Yi Li main financial information services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. after verification found in Shanxi and asset holdings belong to the country too.

The country is the

Holdings said in the company’s official website, the country is holding its subsidiaries with state owned background, scope of business in private aviation leasing, financing, catering, tourism and other industries.

history is always surprisingly similar to

to see the situation in the capital of Jin, we found that history is always surprisingly consistent. Yes, yes, e rent treasure, greatly group, is also a deer fiscal, financial institutions under the line, the victim is also the uncle aunt at most, for the victims of regret, we have to think again, why the tragedy is always repeated.


company and the pure online P2P platform is different, they have the rapid expansion of the line of stores, a large number of salespeople everywhere soliciting, e rent treasure, greatly group, deer fiscal line and Shanxi assets, they at least half.