Digital integration card is becoming popular Groupon group model challenged

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introduction: foreign media published an article today that provides digital integral card project enterprise is more and more. Some businesses believe that the digital scorecard is more valuable relative to group buying activities.

below is the full text of the article:

New York, a bakery owner Aileen · Ai Vezzano (Eileen Avezzano) said, compared with the Groupon group purchase, she has a better way to attract customers to buy several cheese cake, namely the use of rewards card again to attract customers to the store.

these cards are designed by Cartera Commerce, not physical cards, but associated with the use of credit cards. Through the integral card, when the customer shopping, businesses can provide discounts or air mileage and other incentives. Customers can direct credit card, and merchants will automatically order the discount amount.

when consumers go shopping, similar Ives bakery enterprises can Provenzano collect consumer information, such as the frequency that they shop again, and each time the amount of consumption. This information is vintage paper integral card cannot provide, the digital integral Kirby Groupon and LivingSocial group purchase activities more value. Aite Group expects that by 2015, there will be about 900 million transactions associated with merchant integration projects, bringing $1 billion 700 million revenue, higher than $300 million in 2011.

Krasilov J Ki, vice president of

market research firm ·, BIA/Kelsey (Peter Krasilovsky), said: This is the progress of the transaction. This is not only to get new users, but also to integrate the business part of the transaction."

he also said that the digital IC card market began to develop rapidly in 2000. At that time, a number of venture capitalists and venture capitalists began to consider how to use the integration card in the digital age. Integrated card software provider attracted more than $155 million in venture capital.


Cartera this month to complete a total of $12 million 200 thousand in a round of financing, the new venture capital fund in England led the company’s round of financing. Similar to Cartera, Plink, CardSpring and Mirth, such as providing merchants trading services companies have attracted more and more attention.

Cartera investor Flybridge Capital Partners Geoffrey, chief partner of · (Jeffrey), said: "we think this is a huge opportunity for. Card related marketing will benefit both card issuers and consumers."

these credits are usually based on credit card

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