There is a strong value of the site to go further

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      to meet the needs of users is an empty talk. Meet the needs of users is the key to the existence of any website. But how to meet the demand is a problem. Demand is infinite, which part of the demand is the key to meet.

      to truly meet the needs of users, we must first do not meet the needs of some users. A site can not meet the needs of all users, only a group of people with the same interests and values.

      therefore, the site must have their own distinct ideas. For example, to engage in the real name system, because the real name is not the mainstream of the current Internet community, it is easy to let the user at the beginning of the time is not accustomed to, non real name allows users at random, there is no pressure. The benefits are many. Therefore, the implementation of the real name system may encounter many difficulties. But once the real name system is established, the benefits are many, can be trusted, the community will be more authentic, credible.

      Digg has just launched, once a user list, to praise the most recommended news to home users, because of the competition, the website operators also feel good, then, a web site operator to cancel this function, because of spam may to buy top users, so they recommend specific the news. If things go on like this, the credibility of the recommendation system will suffer. But the credibility of the DiGG website is based on the idea of DIGG and later, also because of the fierce opposition to delete the HD DVD key to crack the behavior caused by the user, the user does not stop in various forms to upload relevant articles and reviews, this is the famous "user riots". Finally, Digg ended in compromise, expressed willingness to safeguard the interests of users.

      it is often said that a final business can go far, depending on the culture, it is the core of the culture of the concept of the value of the site is to attract users, the basic reason together on a website, community website can go far, is relying on the core concept and values.

      so, once the site has established a strategy and philosophy, not easily modified, otherwise, the final site will become no character.

      site of the ideas and values not shout out, or on the website written, but in the real site rules, web site operators to communicate with the user, how to determine the user who can do what they cannot do, advocate what act against what? This is very specific operational details. These details determine the site’s true values and ideas.

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