Consumer rebate even a crash event walk the edge of the pyramid

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consumer rebate recent accident.

in Shanghai, imperial Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the imperial family) launched the "I love my buy" consumer pension plans, is caught in pyramid whirlpool, legal representative, company founder Yuan Xiafei Cao Jianhua was detained in accordance with the law.

in Wenzhou, business alliance network collapse events continue to ferment. According to the police by June 6th bulletin, suspects detention has increased to 7, its chairman Guo Chuanzhi is still at large.

by these events, recently, many consumer rebate sites have said, or to show the difference with the business model, or stop the business behavior of some rebate.

China MLM Volunteer League president Lingyun told the "daily economic news" reporter, many of the current consumer rebates become the financial nature of the MLM investment rebate, if not to clean up, this kind of mode will have a bigger, more crazy outbreak. Although some provinces and cities in our country at present has been on the rebate website to combat the investigation, but it is necessary to carry out a unified nationwide rapid investigation.

imperial family "consumer pension

April 23rd, Shanxi Linfen police issued a notice that the imperial family consumption pension Shanxi agent in accordance with the company’s business model, in Shanxi Province, Linfen City, Yuncheng City, Taiyuan City, recruiting agents of more than 200 people, the investigation involving more than 5000 yuan, and arrested two suspects, Cao Jianhua corporate criminal detention.

public information, Cao Jianhua is the domestic cosmetics brand "Joffre" and "olice" founder, after the brand owners. In 2007, he founded the imperial family.

, a Linfen City Public Security Bureau police officer surnamed Feng, "the case was first discovered by the Linfen Municipal Public Security Bureau, with the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau cracked, the Shanxi detective work has ended, the case has been transferred to the Shanghai police."

Shanghai police said the case is under investigation. The case has been on file for investigation, a police officer who asked not to be named, said.

however, the imperial family and its "I love I did not buy" business. But this week a dealer kept asking a message to the company after the discovery, "because the company accounts were frozen, cable, warehouse management fees for several days did not pay has been disabled, the whole company has been paralyzed."

the "daily economic news" reporter tried to contact the imperial family by Cao Jianhua and company executives, but the other staff said "Cao is abroad". The imperial family of several dealers said, has seen two months Cao Jianhua and other executives.

Shanghai Pudong Xiao Lin (a pseudonym) distribution center opened, is one of the 12 distribution points the imperial family development in Shanghai. Until now, Xiao Lin still believed what Cao Jianhua said when he trained them.

of course, Xiao Lin also had doubts, but seeing a series of publicity of the imperial family, his.

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