The blog site was stolen after planting Trojan users to browse personal information

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according to rising cloud security system statistics, April 8th "Boshang (Blogcn)", "blog bus (blogbus)" and "East Lake blog" blog site large-scale personal blog is linked to the horse event. The day a total of 3 million 800 thousand Internet users were Trojan attack. As of press time, most of the pages have returned to normal.

The main

hackers personal blog blog site for the horse. In these horse blog pages, is pointing to the trojan website is the same name, w*******. User access will be Trojan.Win32.Nodef, RootKit.Win32.Mnless, Worm.Win32.Baby2008 download the recent popular Trojan and virus, online account and other personal information they will steal, and download other virus from the Internet, it is difficult to completely remove.

in addition, the guitar china news pictures and other music and entertainment sites due to security measures are not enough protection, has been more than a few days by hackers implanted trojan. These sites tend to have a large number of fixed population access, it may lead to a large area of Internet users suffer. According to rising cloud security system monitoring, 4.8 days on the Internet there are a total of 1 million 200 thousand pages with a Trojan activity, 3 million 800 thousand people suffered from the attacks of Internet users. The rising full-featured security software 2009, Ruixingkaka products such as the installation of these users, the trojan website automatically intercepted in the computer outside. Non rising users may be poisoned, the loss of online account etc..

April 8th is linked to the horse website Top5:

1, blog bus: under a number of personal blog,

is embedded in the malicious URL for www.****, etc..

, 2 "- the original Chinese Boshang":,

is embedded in the malicious URL for www.*****, etc..

3, "East Lake blog":,

is embedded in the malicious URL for z.***, etc..

4, Hubei daily media group online submission system:,

is embedded in the malicious URL for www.*****, etc..

5, "guitar china news station": et al

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