What kind of advertising is the most trusted in the nternet era

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      October 9th news, what kind of advertising is the most trusted in the Internet age? Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool!

      according to an expansion in 47 countries around the world recent survey by Nielsen: Although advertising platform and advertising resources more and more consumers around the world are still from the most trusted consumer reviews. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool. The survey was conducted in Europe, Asia, the Americas and the middle east. Its theme is the trust of Internet users for 13 different ways of advertising. These ads include traditional newspapers, television advertising and brand sites and user generated content, etc.. Of the 26486 respondents, more than 2/3 said that "recommendation from consumers" is one of their most trusted forms of advertising.

      global average advertising method

      78%—– from consumer recommendation

      63%—– newspaper

      61%—– consumers posted comments on the Internet

      60%—– brand site

      56%—– TV

      56%—– magazine

      54%—– radio

      49%—– brand sponsorship

      49%—– I subscribe to email

      inserting the 38%—– before the movie ad

      34%—– search engine advertising

      26%—– online banner ad

      18%—– mobile phone text ads

      however, the degree of trust for "consumer recommendations" is not the same for each country. In Denmark and Italy, for example, the ratio was 62% and 63%, respectively. In Asia, such as Hongkong and Taiwan, the proportion is

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