sixty thousand malicious buyers out Extortion by various means

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looking for goods – take the goods – Evaluation of goods, this process for Taobao buyers is no longer familiar with it, it is simple, convenient, fast. But some buyers have to put a "bargain" of the story in the captured goods and intermediate goods evaluation, they are called "malicious bad review division".

as the name suggests, "malicious bad teacher", is the use of the loopholes in the rules, to the poor as a means of blackmail and impose exactions on the buyer to the seller online shopping. According to the rules of, sellers poor more, the favorable rate is lower, the lower the rate of praise reflects its integrity is poor, poor credit shop will be at a disadvantage in the Taobao sales activities, and ultimately affect the sales of goods. Malicious bad teacher started the crooked ways a way of making money.

From June 2012

, delineation of the first more than and 300 people malicious bad teacher list so far, a total of 65 thousand penalties for malicious buyers account, closing about 100000 pen orders malicious interception. Even so, the victim is still active on the network.

July 24th, the Legal Daily reporter walked into Taobao, sellers and information security experts from the mouth to understand the three types of malicious malicious division of the target and means of extortion.

as a means of poor evaluation extortionMS

has just graduated from a university in Hangzhou this year. In May 2012, she opened a lingerie shop on Taobao.

"I am a marketing major, when the junior high school courses, open a shop on the social practice." Tu told reporters, because the Internet is not very large investment, the beginning of the week did not receive an order.

, I do not know why so unlucky, encountered the first customer is malicious bad judge." MS Tu described her first trading experience. "On that day, the buyer bought a piece of underwear in my place, there is no bargaining, at first thought it was a cool customer, but did not think he wrote me a difference after the receipt of the goods, I hastened to ask, he said to 200 yuan will be able to get rid of the bad, but also willing to return the underwear give me."

According to Ms. Tu

, the malicious bad teacher very directly, the whole process of the two step of blackmail and impose exactions on auction goods, to the poor, and finally to change the bad conditions, demands for money.

it is understood that this kind of bad teachers are generally alone, which is also part of the online shopping fans, think through the malicious bad review can not pay for shopping, holding a pen is a state of mind, not afraid of buyers do not buy it will make yourself "at a loss".

"they are about blackmail and impose exactions on sellers, small sellers, new store and low credit, small volume, low commodity prices, the seller is their choice." Wang Yihua, senior director of Taobao’s information security department told reporters.

this type of bad judge

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