How to open a barbecue shop

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barbecue shop business in a variety of forms, you can choose to operate a variety of options. Now open barbecue shop should be how to carry out the work? Many businesses are eager to learn about. Xiaobian finishing the relevant recommendations, hoping to help the franchisee to get a good business opportunities, and quickly contact us.

investment budget

basically in a 20 square foot store calculation, or gear form, basically 20 square investment of about ten thousand even if good. The facilities can include barbecue stove, refrigerator, display cabinet, the owner of a personal assistant, two or three person, to obtain health permits first, some people because of financial risk tolerance, not so much money into the store, also can do the flow form, make mobile vendors to the streets, schools, night market stalls, such investment it is not great.

again is the size of stores, 40M Yishiyiting more suitable for the fledgling college students, in addition to operating place to remember about 15M, there must be a pile of debris and put a bed position, it is important to


is optimistic about the house and the landlord signed an agreement, if the good will sign a few years, that signed an agreement of 2 years, 6 months to pay the money, the landlord will generally agree, there is pay attention to water, electricity, gas charges are in arrears, winter heating costs there are still problems in northern.

next is the facade decoration, furniture with the most simple thing, but there must be a chair backrest, is very important to keep in mind Oh! The best conditions for TV in front of Front Gate mounted on the wall, he could see at ordinary times, also can put some games like Errenzhuan, guests can decorate walls! The simulation of vegetables, such as red pepper, green cucumber, has added some atmosphere! I focus on that light, the appearance of the 15M best use of fluorescent lamp 40W 2, 4 yellow energy-saving lamps around, so you can make up the dishes and more on appetite, there are reports that light light and shade will affect people’s mood Oh, I’m not about



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