Analysis of the reasons why Japanese don’t like to start a business

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Japan’s economy is relatively developed, but entrepreneurship in Japan and we did not imagine so fire. Japan’s mobile Internet plus once ahead of the rest of the world for many years. But in this round of the intelligent mobile phone as the core of the mobile Internet business tide came, we were surprised to find that Chinese in many aspects and Japan has been in the same starting line, even more than the Japanese.

I in 2012 and 2013 respectively visited Japan two well-known mobile Internet incubator, a is a famous Japanese Vc firm in the incubator in Tokyo, one is Japan’s second largest operator KDDI launched called incubator Labo, the former is similar to China’s innovation works, which is like business incubator of the China Telecom. But in these renovated a new office inside, the number of entrepreneurial team is very small, it seems deserted, which is China’s entrepreneurial atmosphere fiery 3W coffee or garage coffee in stark contrast.

when Apple’s App  and Google’s Google  Store; Play global mobile Internet entrepreneurs begin at the same starting line, Chinese App company began in the United States, Japan has compared App take cities and seize territory, the number of Japanese companies developed much less.

I and many Japanese friends, they all talked about Japan is not a failure tolerant society.

in Japanese society, if a man fails, he will be difficult to survive in the society, not only friends despise him, very difficult to find a job, not to discuss his wife, but also through the bank mortgage credit audit. This social reality, young people want to start in the inevitable timidity.

in Silicon Valley, many VC are willing to invest in those who had failed one or two times of the enterprise, Americans think there are lessons the next venture is more likely to succeed.

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