Yunnan PPP model to promote Erhai to be protected

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PPP, the introduction of the model is conducive to accelerating the work of environmental governance in Erhai. In the limited financial resources of local government debt and limited circumstances, Erhai sewage interception Lake seems to be a miles away dream. At this time, the introduction of the PPP model, to resolve the plight of pollution control funds undoubtedly brings hope.

2015 in October 11th, "sewage lagoon (1) PPP project" officially started landing, approved the investment of 4 billion 500 million yuan, recently approved (2016 – 2020) plans to invest 3 billion 490 million yuan, the Ministry of finance projects selected second batches of PPP demonstration project.

after field investigation research of social capital side China water environment group lasted for half a year, collecting more than 2 thousand sets of data after the demonstration project bid amount than save about 600 million yuan, the final PPP signed an agreement to control the price of 2 billion 980 million yuan, saving investment 17%.

2016 in December, the Ministry of finance, Ministry of environmental protection in accordance with the requirements of the State Council, composed of comprehensive control project steering group research Erhai water environment, head of the steering group, the financial department of the Ministry of Finance Director Sun Xiaoxia pointed out that the Finance Department of Yunnan province and Dali, with a high sense of mission and responsibility, the use of PPP model to attract China water group to participate in the project, in addition to solve the fund shortage problem of Erhai environmental governance to Dali, more important is to bring technology and advanced management ideas and innovation, Yunnan province hopes to continue to maintain a good momentum of work, then the reinforcement in the PPP for the Dali Erhai sewage lagoon series PPP project success to create the national environmental protection model project even in the field of international PPP project template.

in recent years, Erhai’s serious environmental pollution, environmental governance is imminent, Dali Erhai Lake Sewage Interception Project PPP is the epitome of PPP project of Yunnan Province, Yunnan is becoming the concept of innovation and development, decentralization and optimization services to attract more private investment in the reform of the PPP, the path is "PPP+ precise poverty" to make a useful exploration and application.

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