What do you need to know about an antique shop

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said to open an antique shop, a lot of people think of the mind is a superb ability to identify. Indeed, if you want to invest in the industry to do business, naturally need to master more knowledge. So what do you need to know about an antique shop?

what do you need to know about an antique shop? If you do not have to re engage in this industry, I suggest that the first to play their own, and then consider the shop. Play can accumulate experience and collections. Do you have a key to support peer friends of tibet. After a certain degree, can consider to open shop. Antique is a three years is not open, open to eat for a long time to invest in the industry for three years, you have to consider the cost.

in my experience, this industry can be used as early hobbies, or can be said as a sideline. Slowly, you can continue to accumulate experience and collections, when you have more than the weight of the collection, your reputation will spread. At that time, you would like to use your curio shop.

can not be denied, because this industry profound, long There are plenty of people who kick up a cloud of dust. Open the antique shop to be learned, not smatter. What these experts? With the accumulation of professional knowledge for decades, which is the same as other industries because of fruit.

don’t you have any literature? Can’t read poetry. No historical basis line? Can not see the relevant background artifacts. Do not understand the fancies of men of letters? No elegant aesthetic line? Do more reading, go to the museum, more open-minded to consult the old game player. Accumulated to a certain level, start playing some relatively low cost, such as stamps, silver, notes and so on, try to sell up low. Accumulation fund. Open antique shop should not be to know, pick up ten small leakage as a big hole. Not sure and can not rush.

antique line is the coexistence of fame and fortune in the industry, you can also have a reputation, money can also be collections. But the most important thing is the level of the days and months multiplying parties have to continue.

once the industry broke a little reputation, business will be very easy to operate. Of course, the premise of natural or you need to know more knowledge. So, if you’re going to open an antique shop, do you know anything about it?