Winter store operators need to prevent rat antifreeze

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a store’s business involves the content is very much, if the owners want to shop presents a better operating conditions, you can create a higher profit, naturally also need to do more work. Among them, anti rat antifreeze is a very important point. Therefore, we need to do a good job in the winter store operators anti rat antifreeze oh.

With the arrival of winter

store mouse is also up, one thing this is a very stressful, elimination of rodents is also urgent. However, the store control should also have skills, do not use poison poison, because the store shelves shelves below the clouds, the space is narrow, poisoned rats was difficult to discover, it is easy to rot, store environment pollution, the spread of disease. Poison poisonous, easy to be brought to the mouse and other foods that cause food poisoning. So the store control can only use the glue rat board or mouse clamp device, every day to check regularly to see if there is no glue or grip the mouse.

a lot of goods are afraid of the cold, with the gradual decline in temperature, we should be afraid of frozen goods moved to the higher temperature of the room or store. For example, beer bottle explosion will freeze, know how much wine cork will automatically lift out some drinks frozen badly will bianwei. There are other commodities will be frozen. In order to reduce unnecessary losses, it is also important to pay attention to the proper storage of individual goods in winter.

successful operation of a shop, we need to pay attention to the store in the course of any of the details, so as to allow the store to get a better operation. So, there are more than a small series of introduction, if you want to shop in winter operation, also need to do heatstroke antifreezing work oh.