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speaking of WeChat, and now many people are not unfamiliar, it has become a very important tool for communication. If used properly, can also become a weapon to make money oh. Ever since I set up shop, I always feel lonely and boring. Therefore, very envious of the "office workers" and the young people running outside sales. This year, it is precisely since the WeChat public platform, I no longer envy them.

my shop is located in the downtown section of the town center, there are more than and 80 different specifications of the cigarette products. Consumer groups are some residents, individual bosses and migrant workers. The shop had business is good, the monthly sales in more than 300, considerable profits, but since last year, affected by the cigarette tax, the government tends to cigarette smoking tobacco control, a marked decline in sales, inventory backlog many. To this end, I often go to the store to visit the customer manager Xiao Yang said: the brilliant period of cigarette retail gone forever, there is no good way to improve sales." Yang said: the market is relatively weak, as long as the idea does not slide, the method is more difficult than."

in September this year, the client manager asked me to apply to join the modern cigarette retail terminal households. At first, I was not enthusiastic about the initiative, always feel that selling cigarettes is a simple living, and store image, cigarette display, computer scan code is not related. Moreover, the market situation is not good, the investment is not necessarily able to recover the cost of renovation. Later, Xiao Yang many times to promote the role and benefits of modern terminals, I also told a lot of successful cases of retail households. Because of the face, but also hold a try attitude, I applied to the tobacco bureau of modern terminal households. Yang personally instructed me to decorate the store, to help me install the scan code gun, back to my mobile phone download and install the WeChat public platform.

before, I would not play WeChat, there is no time to ponder. Since joining the modern terminal users, the customer manager "hand in hand" teach me, I learned to look at WeChat, micro channel, learn and friends to chat, so keep the shop no longer lonely, life has a new partner "".

one day, the client manager said to me: you can not look at other people’s WeChat all day, you can also use WeChat to carry out cigarette sales promotion, such a lot of benefits, to attract customers, improve cigarette sales." Listen to Xiao Yang’s words, I see light suddenly enlightened, ask him, "how to quickly sell cigarettes online promotion, circle". He is teaching students, not to mind taking the trouble, the package will package, make people deeply touched.

joined the modern terminal, especially under the guidance of the client manager, I gradually learned to use WeChat cigarette consumption tracking. First of all, a new understanding of the store on their own values, the scientific division of the market structure, such as which customers can locate high-end customers, which customers are key customers, general customers, potential customers and so on. Secondly, through the E shangmeng ordering platform, establish information for consumers, consumer to consumer tracking >

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