How to retain frontline employees how to motivate them

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a lot of people are in the front line, front-line staff not only work pressure, but wages are not high, there will always be high negative emotions. There are a lot of front-line staff, is negative and indignant to work, how to motivate and soothe employees?

past more companies consider how to respect the management personnel, lack of consideration on the frontline operators. For example, the front-line staff and the management of the different staff, the quality of the style are much worse; the cafeteria is not the same, the environment and the quality of food is very bad. I once met a business, they are a headache employee turnover rate is high, I always miss the point, the biggest reason is that employees leave the bad food after the investigation.

The second is to cultivate a sense of identity:

finally establish a fair and effective incentive mechanism

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