How to maintain and use the LED lamp

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With the popularization of energy saving and emission reduction, more and more people begin to use LED lamp, LED lamp is widely used because of its advantages of high energy saving, long life, environmental protection and other advantages. In our daily use, we should pay attention to its use and maintenance, so as to maximize the effectiveness of the LED lamp.

LED lamp use:

first, buy Lamps, the first should carefully read the installation instructions, and then in accordance with the installation instructions in accordance with good lighting.

two, LED lights how to use? Don’t change the structure of the lamps in the cleaning and maintenance, and do not arbitrarily change the lamp parts, in the maintenance, as is the lamp should be installed, do not leak, the wrong equipment lighting components.

three, in the use of lamps, try not to frequent switching, although the switch resistance of LED lamp is about 18 times the number of common fluorescent lamp, but too frequently will affect the life of the LED lamp internal electronic components, thus affecting the service life of the lamp.

four, in particular, should be noted that, in addition to special LED lamps, ordinary LED lamps should avoid the use of wet environment. How to use the LED lamp? Humid environment will affect the LED lamp drive power electronic components, electronic components damp, shorten the lamp life.

LED lamp maintenance:

, moisture is the key to lighting maintenance, especially the stove headlight LED lamp and kitchen and bathroom, bathroom, LED lights how to use? Must be installed to prevent moisture intrusion proof lamp, avoid corrosion damage or leakage short-circuit.

two, LED lamp is best not to wash with water, LED lights how to use? As long as the dry cloth to wipe the water, if accidentally hit the water to dry, should not turn on the lights after immediately with a damp cloth to wipe.

LED lamp use method and maintenance is introduced here, only the correct use of LED lights and maintenance, in order to play the biggest effect of LED lamp and has a longer life.

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