2012 what is the most profitable business

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a lot of people want to start, but have no money, no power, no power, no background. The lack of these success factors so that their entrepreneurial heart slowly sinking. Today the whole network Xiaobian introduce you to the 2012 market prospects is the most profitable franchise project.

love on the door until now in the country more than and 200 (constantly refresh) toy store, the company in Beijing and Yiwu have investment locations and outlets. Welcome to all walks of life and toy shop entrepreneurs to visit. Love on the door to build the chain system, the cooperation model is love on the door to authorize you to use love to push the door of the trademark, image and brand management of a toy retail store.

love on the door a total of about two thousand kinds of toys based ordering, order quantity and variety headquarters without any restrictions, you can according to the actual situation of the local selective purchase, the first order will not force you to press goods. If you do not know what kind of product purchase, the headquarters can also recommend your purchase. The ordering process is also very convenient, for the first time distribution standard is generally 700-1000 yuan / square meter.

Iran ah babe baby

Iran ah babe with Abbott, Wyeth, Heinz, Dumex, Nestle, Bailile, Mead Johnson, Pigeon, Karabey Bareng and a number of well-known global suppliers. The entire product line covers high, medium and low, suitable for regional markets, whether you are in the bustling metropolis or remote areas. There is a wealth of products available to customers. Ah baby milk powder, and Iran products priced according to supply franchisee, if the franchisee in the local stock price is lower than the purchase price, invoice price refunded.

Iran ah baby maternal and child supplies the backyard of the former shop business model, the successful integration of the retail and maternal maternal and child services, the two advantage of superposition. "Shop" exhibits rich product category, add "clever collocation backyard" in the service, can meet different levels of consumer psychology and consumer demand, to provide high value-added services for customers at the same time, guide service to sales, service driven sales. Enhance the brand loyalty of consumers, so that sales continue to grow.

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