Fast food to join the king countless how to quickly provide daily sales

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major fast food brands active in our side, businesses spend their minds, continuous improvement, are hoping to attract more people to patronize. However, people have their own standards when they choose. So, how to improve the fast food franchise sales in a short time?

adjust store Business Hours

the reasonable arrangement of the existing human, staff scheduling work; to supplement the breakfast blank, make full use of time for breakfast;

1, product production requires a good time management.

2, in the whole process of the work to form a low peak period of concentrated preparation, cleaning, the peak concentration of customer product and service connection;

3, at the same time, as the management personnel should always supervise staff productivity and help each other, although each post has been located, but there is some connection between the post and cooperative relations, so in the whole operation process, the administrator role is coordination, inspection, guidance and help; so as to establish a high understanding of the team.

In the peak of

retain customers

in the peak time, the waiter to the restaurant inspection work, observation, talking; warm reception every customer, let the customer into the store is not empty; store tables and chairs in the maximum use; if four can introduce customers dining table; if full. Please a lot of attention in the process of touring are dining dining customers, allows customers to a meal, another person will wait for the end of the meal at the table next to the customer.

?The use of

propaganda tool

in fact, whether senior brand or the beginning of.

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