The wisdom of Jewish business

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is known to all, the Jews are the world’s most business people, they have too many business legends, there are too many stories, there are many places worth learning. Today, let’s learn how to do business with them!


In the summer of

, an oriental woman’s low voice echoed in the whole world – "inspiring the life and changing the destiny of the enterprise!" "Win in China" sends a signal to the people of the world: "no matter where you come from, no matter where you live, your entrepreneurial dream is respectable!". Soon, the "win in China" TV program ignited the hearts of the global dream of hope, while entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs touched the hearts of millions of viewers.

Second, lift rule: this rule is that you in the elevator only 30 seconds to a relationship to the future of the company customers, promote your products and services and be successful. The rule is to tell our friends who are starting up that any of our plans must be simple and effective.

Third, entrepreneurs do not want to put the sea boiled, because the resources are always limited, only a pot of water to boil.

Fourth, the good fruit, because the enterprise is the existence of economic success, enterprises require every employee to submit the results continue in every day, every week, every month, every year around the overall goal of the requirements of successful enterprises, their success are composed of numerous small success. Therefore, a good business, a good staff, always pick the fruit and pick up and achieve sustained and stable results.

fifth, continue to take work and development now the blueprint for comparison, constantly revised and fine-tuning, do closely the pulse of the market, wholeheartedly for customer service today and tomorrow.


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