Rural shops need to provide warm and thoughtful service

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due to the impact of the operating environment, and now the quality of service in many rural shops is very poor, long term, the store will naturally keep the loss of customers. Therefore, if you want to run a successful rural shops, nature also need to provide warm and thoughtful service, so that the store will be a higher success rate of operation.

no matter when, warm service is the magic weapon to win. However, due to the characteristics of rural production and living, some rural customer service is not in place. Especially in the busy season, closed is more common, which not only directly led to the loss of customers, but also brought certain influence for future business. In the visit, retail customers Wang told the author of a thing.

last summer wheat harvest, due to lack of manpower in the home, he put the door shut down quicker, but on the second day he closed the door, near the mine is called to some wine and tobacco. To know the mine but old customers Zhang, far from the city, the coal mine daily with alcohol and tobacco are basically from the reception he purchased here. When a customer calls, Wang is not in the shop, but the customer needs the goods urgently, but had no choice but to other stores to buy goods. This time, the loss of a few hundred dollars profit does not say, then this big customer has never been to his shop to buy goods.

in the rural areas, the cultivated land is the lifeblood of the people. In the busy season, some retail closed phenomenon is widespread. But we should also know that doing business must be punctual, shoutan, not three days fishing nets two days of drying, otherwise it will not only lose not easily won business opportunities, but also customer loss phenomenon.

In an interview with

, a customer told the author that he rarely occurs close to the phenomenon in his business, even in the busy season, always take a person to take care of business. He also said that the busy season is a good time to absorb tourists. As a result of individual retail customers closed down, many consumers have to go to his store consumption, over time became his fixed customers.

at the same time, he also fully grasp the characteristics of the busy season to carry out on-site service, for some consumers far from the farm, he personally put cigarettes, beer and beverage to the fields, for the consumer, and take the initiative to help the villagers to send letters, which both have earned him the reputation, but also enhance the store the level of profitability.

special operating environment, we need to pay more quality services, so as to attract more consumers, will make the shop business is more popular, can create a higher profit. So, if you are a rural shop operators, after reading the above content, whether you will be inspired by the shop?

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