What is the quality of the food and beverage investment partners

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in China a few years ago there is a very inspirational youth entrepreneurial film called "China partner", the movie a sensation, Yu Minhong’s case spread throughout China, household name. Is to inspire the generation after generation of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs have to face a common problem is to find a partner, the team’s strength is a necessary condition for success, the restaurant industry is also the case. What kind of partnership is the most suitable for food and beverage investment? What do they usually have in common?

has such a quality of food and beverage is a collaborative dish


can share the joys and sorrows

The word "

" is often used together, but in real life, in fact, to share the joys and sorrows is really not much. Can not be willing to reason is very simple, that is in front of the interests of many people power Wainian, unable to face the huge temptation. So you can share joys and sorrows and the one who is worthy of cooperation.

second, no jealousy, tolerance

everyone has their own a little bit, see you applaud you, you can see the shortcomings of tolerance, as long as it is not what a fatal shortcoming will choose tolerance, such people are worthy of Shenzhen.

third, filial piety parents

the life of the people, for their kindness is the biggest everyone’s parents, for such nature should be respectful to the benefactor. As the saying goes: filial piety, a good, a very important standard is to honor their parents, not filial to their parents, for others as can be imagined.

fourth, with independent personality and strong inner

has an independent personality which is not a simple thing, in real life there are too many prejudices, but there are independent personality of the people will not be bound by these ideas, equal view of everyone. At the same time, there is a strong heart, can face everything.

fifth, values close to

Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together. Similar three people communicate more smoothly, also won’t have too much contradiction, easy and smooth communication.

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