Xi’an science and Technology nstitute held in 2016 college graduates employment and Entrepreneurshi

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just sent away in 2015 graduates, major universities are about to graduate in 2016 to prepare for employment. Xi’an University of Science And Technology held the 2016 session of the college graduates employment and entrepreneurship in the new and high school yesterday to discuss how to carry out the employment and Entrepreneurship of graduates in 2016.

2015 December 22nd morning, the 2016 high school graduates of Xi’an University of Science And Technology employment and entrepreneurship promotion meeting held in the science and Technology Building Conference room. Weng Lianzheng, vice president, assistant dean Liu Zhigao, employment office director Cheng Weixiong, vice president, two vice president Chen College of electromechanical and information Xue Mei, vice president of School of economics and management field, School of architecture and Civil Engineering Department of vice president Yang Zhongming, School of architecture and civil engineering, Xi Yang Mei Energy Institute Vice President Song Yingjia, President of the International Institute of education assistant Fei Shanshan, the employment office staff, 2016 graduating class counselors participated in the meeting, the meeting presided over by the employment office director Cheng Weixiong.


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