What is the significance of Henan cross-border e-commerce industry alliance

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look at the current trend, e-commerce has been in full swing in the development of Alibaba has been successfully listed in the United states. Conform to the trend of the times, make full use of the Internet to promote the economic development of the region. So, what is the significance of Henan cross-border e-commerce industry alliance?

6 28, Zheng Dong New District Administrative Committee hosted the Henan cross-border e-commerce industry alliance forum held in Zhengzhou. In order to promote traditional enterprises and "Henan manufacturing" through the Internet channel to shape the brand image, expand brand influence and product visibility, improve product sales. Henan Province, the establishment of cross-border e-commerce industry alliance in Henan, launched the industry + base + fund model to promote industrial upgrading.

"in recent years, Henan province continued rapid growth of e-commerce, in 2015 the province’s e-commerce related enterprises more than 3 thousand, e-commerce practitioners more than 180 thousand people, e-commerce transaction volume is 4.3 times in 2010, the emergence of the black spider Internet channel exchange and a number of well-known local e-commerce platform, to support the real economy and service capabilities continue to improve."

Li Haifeng, deputy director of the Henan Provincial Committee of industry and information technology, said the introduction of

, the current Henan traditional enterprise e-commerce applications continue to deepen. From the number of enterprises, the province’s Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size to achieve e-commerce applications reached 47%. From the application point of view, the proportion of the province’s Industrial Enterprises above the scale of e-commerce procurement and sales reached 22% and 24%, e-commerce has become a new marketing channel Yi Industrial enterprise independent of traditional marketing channels, large enterprise service platform docking and electronic business through the enterprise information system, accelerate the integration of e-commerce applications, and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

it is reported that in recent years, with the construction of key projects such as Zhengzhou airport, international land port, cross border E trade, and so on, cross-border e-commerce has formed a certain industrial cluster and transaction scale.

2015 in June, "Henan goods through the world, the Internet channel exchange officially opened, through a multi platform way Henan goods global marketing, has the construction of English, Russian, Spanish language website, to establish cooperative relations with South Korea, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka and other local e-commerce platform, pre transaction amount $about 19000000. However, the current Henan e-commerce channels to open up overseas channels only more than 4 thousand, of which 70% concentrated in Zhengzhou, Henan enterprises go out there is still a huge space.

After the establishment of the

Henan cross-border e-commerce industry alliance, will break the traditional mode of foreign trade links, low efficiency, long cycle, a single channel drawbacks, to solve the problem of asymmetric transaction information. The integration of cross-border electricity supplier service resources, establish a resource library, the establishment and perfection of the cross-border electricity supplier service system, build a service group, Henan enterprises recommended

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