Lower the threshold to increase capital lever release double social capital boost

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innovation and entrepreneurship environment is getting better and better, out of the thrust of the policy, as well as social capital to help push. It can be seen from the 2016 sessions of the two countries, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship is an important work in the development of 2016, therefore, also need to provide entrepreneurs with a better entrepreneurial platform.

for the implementation of the central policy to encourage state-owned capital entrepreneurial spirit, innovation of public service, the state-owned venture capital innovative products, simplify the process, to cover all types of business groups, investment return early results. On the other hand, the investment funds, the government to guide the fund’s sub funds, corporate direct investment and other forms of social capital, but also played a huge role.

in order to support the students, migrant workers, laid-off workers and other types of business groups, local state-owned enterprises also combined with the actual needs of entrepreneurs, developed a variety of products at the same time, simplify the process, make the service more convenient for optimization.

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