The Ministry of Public Security further decentralization to facilitate the masses entrepreneurship s

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implementation of the policy of decentralization, convenient for the masses, especially for entrepreneurs, greatly saves the time required for business procedures cost, accelerate the pace of entrepreneurship.

to further promote decentralization, to facilitate the masses of entrepreneurship, the Ministry of public security police station attestation, recently launched a standard remote provinces to pay traffic violation fines and other 28 measures, and clearly the 28 measures will all fall before the end of 2017.

– provide proof materials in streamlining the masses, including the coordination of relevant departments to study and formulate normative attestation police work, focus on solving the "wonderful proof" and that excessive; in conjunction with relevant departments, organize the implementation of the national population basic information database project, in accordance with the law and government departments to achieve information sharing, provide the data support for the convenience of the masses; reduce the fire approval application materials etc..

– in the simplified optimization program including the masses, study and formulate the process specification account, identity cards, improve the use of information systems for matters related to the ability and efficiency; strengthen self inspection channel construction, improve the efficiency of customs clearance, simplified Chinese nationals of the vehicle entry and exit procedures; the implementation of motorcycle "with brand marketing" in the countryside or in remote areas.

– let the masses do not run errands less errands, including the use of mobile terminals and Internet technology, promote the minor online dealing with traffic accidents; promote the driver examination service to the county-level decentralization, extension; release of large and medium-sized vans driving license for different restrictions, allowed in the country for all land for the vehicle driver’s license, implement remote provinces pay traffic violation fines; promote the fire fire related issues online for administrative license and filing, online reporting etc..

– in the masses provide one-stop comprehensive services, including the administrative examination and approval of itemized service guide, implement acceptance system and processing time commitment; whether in the city or the countryside, realize the traffic accident insurance claims processing and "one-stop" services; establishing web, mobile phone APP SMS, voice calls, the combination of a variety of ways of systematic, full coverage of the traffic safety integrated service management system; comprehensive application platform of national interconnected website security management services.

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