Shop operating season does not want to have what business tips

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no matter what kind of business is running, there will be a light season, although this is not what the shop wants, but it is difficult to avoid. In recent years, the retail customers in the process, a number of retail customers reflect business. So, as a retail customer, how to do a good job in the off-season business, in order to enhance the level of profitability? I collected a number of retail customers operating experience, I hope all of you have a reference for retail customers.

is to take the initiative to find business opportunities, identify consumer groups. According to the surrounding environment for consumption, often pay attention to the market surrounding the site, wedding market trends, and actively communicate with customers, understand their demand for cigarettes and other goods, in order to meet the demand, improve the level of profitability.

two is a service to take the initiative. Now in rural areas, the majority of elderly consumers. Retail customers can work hard in the service, and constantly enrich the commodity structure and the type of store, the initiative for the introduction, consumers choose the necessary goods, bulky goods and provide free door-to-door, through active service, continue to attract consumers.

three is the initiative to expand the operating width. Retail business scope is not static. Run over the retail customers might as well with other fields such as telecommunications, courier and other operators to strengthen ties and communication for sales agent in the region, is able to retain old customers and attract new customers.

although the operation of the store is indeed easy to encounter off-season, but does not indicate that the store in the off-season when there is no way to make business development. In short, in the course of the store business, retail customers to think, take the initiative to serve in order to be stable in the off-season.

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