Selling surprises can also make money

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people tend to like a little more surprises in life, many businesses also seize this point, to carry out the cause, but the most direct form of the sale of surprises can also make money? Such a wealth of business opportunities are very fresh, then let us take a look at!

2002, a journal of the American local throwing treasure (full name: Edible  English Aidi; Arrangements) founder and CEO  Tariq  Farid a problem, "the next 5 years, how many can you shop?" He thought for a moment and then replied, "50." But 5 years later, even Tariq  Farid I did not expect, this figure is actually 500. At present, Bao Aidi has in-depth global 14 countries, out of a total of 1100 stores. In December 2010, in the vicinity of the city of Phoenix, Sanyuanqiao, Beijing ushered in the first batch of Chinese consumers.

for the strange China consumers, Tariq  Farid will be introduced this treasure Aidi peddling products: "fruit flowers, this is like a flower gift, but the material is melon, strawberry, apple, kiwi fruit such as fresh fruit, so you can eat. The most important thing is that we will surprise you, and the feeling of ‘WOW’."

Tariq  Farid is a gift for any occasion to consider as a competitor, such as cakes, chocolates, flowers, etc.. It also includes some with Aidi treasure do direct competitors of the same product. "If iPhone is a surprise, it’s our competitor.

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