Venture in Shunde will decide the championship finals tomorrow

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2015 years, is a year of entrepreneurs, innovation and entrepreneurship competitions around the emerging, creating a harmonious atmosphere of entrepreneurship. Venture Shunde finals will be the final race, the title of the family who let us wait and see.

it is reported that as China Innovation Contest (Guangdong Shunde Division) predecessor, "venture in Shunde" is the earliest Chinese contest of innovation and entrepreneurship, known as the Shunde version of the "win in China". The tournament held since 2008, has brought together thousands of innovative business projects, promotion, many projects and company China first with independent intellectual property rights of the material spectral analyzer also was born in this platform.

and competition will also further promote the docking of entrepreneurial projects and Shunde strong manufacturing strength and private capital.

for entrepreneurs, this is a full of opportunities and challenges in the era of. Continue to enrich themselves, understand the business, learn to start their own professional knowledge and skills in practice, your pay will be brought back to harvest.

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