The bird’s nest ten brand list

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in a variety of health care products, the bird’s nest can be said to have countless consumers certainly in beauty care market reputation is very high. Because of this, the bird’s nest market brand is also very much. Below, let Xiaobian to introduce the bird’s nest ten brands list, so that you can on the brand in this industry have a more thorough understanding.


bird’s nest brand rankings, shangguanyan:


Naturalnest is a shangguanyan shangguanyan (Hongkong) International Limited (Naturalnest International Ltd) invest in a franchise chain of high-end retail nest. The company set production, processing, research and development, design, sales and service in one, "a strong product development capabilities, sophisticated marketing, perfect management and service system, leading VI and store image, training and guidance to the full range of casting shangguanyan strong market competitiveness. Over the years, shangguanyan has been committed to the dissemination and promotion of the health cause of bird’s nest and has made many breakthroughs, in the development process and the bird’s nest derivatives products, has achieved ISO9001-2008 international quality certification system in the domestic market into a half year period, and was invited to become Shanghai World Expo private enterprises Joint Pavilion exhibitors.


bird’s nest brand rankings, KINGE NO.2:

KINGE group is a set of bird’s nest, Cordyceps collection, processing, research and development, sales and marketing in one of the high-end food operators, KINGE owns KINGE, nestworld, Yan Yan, pregnant? Hi nest and other brands. Among them, the KINGE brand registered in 1995, the country currently has more than and 40 city development KINGE franchise stores in more than and 100, won the United Nations friendly Council recommendation and international organization brand standardization project IBS recommended, world Chinese Sports Industry Association as Association designated products, the International Association of maternal and child nutrition center recommended products, Shanghai CDC testing demonstration products, Shanghai Food Research Institute of preventive medicine test to demonstrate products and many other honors and achievement.


bird’s nest brand ranking, NO.3 love nest:

love nest is China first enterprise franchise brand to provide professional maintenance, bird’s nest, nest nest, bird’s nest, bird’s nest delicacy recipes show, bird’s nest and bird’s nest gifts and other services. The bird’s nest rely on the unique processing technology, has formed many of the bird’s nest chain stores in the country, the city has a bird’s nest store. Ten years of quality assurance, precision made brand nest! Because of our bird’s nest quality control is very strict, with a good reputation and is responsible for customer service attitude, good social image and the leadership of the company always cared about and participate in public welfare undertakings, so as to obtain a good performance, and good reputation in the industry. < >

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