What is the name of the store need to pay attention to what

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a suitable shop name is often followed by a number of principles that require operators to master more methods. But, even so, there are still a lot of names is illegal, it is difficult to accept the way. In fact, you want to play a proper name, also need to pay attention to two points. Then, the name of the store need to pay attention to the two points?

hot pot shop named "assembly" no infringement?

a few years ago, directed by Feng Xiaogang, the assembly number has become a hot spot. Recently, the public Zhang passing near the West Road, found a shop name in Hot pot that took up the number".

according to the clerk, the hot pot shop opened last year. Why use "assembly" as Hot pot shop, the clerk cautious, said did not know. And the same name of the film, will not infringement yo?" On the question of Mr. Zhang, telephone consulting Sichuan found Law Firm lawyer Li Gang.

Li Gang believes that the trademark, the name of the company once registered, others will constitute infringement. For the movie name as the name Hot pot shop whether the behavior of infringement, Li Gang said, this situation is more complex, it is not conclusive.

barber shop named the highest hair hospital   not enough serious irregularities

in Beiqijia Ping Xifu village, a village across the north and south of the main road on both sides, the distribution of size more than and 10 barber shops. In the streets of central, there are about 30 square meters of the barber shop one area, above the door with a red black and eye-catching signs mark the name: the highest court barber. Signs will also be in the middle of the "hair" deliberately enlarge the word.

store only two employees, according to them, the store just opened a few days, is still in trial operation. The barber shop, said they just feel good creativity, and show their superb skills, nothing he thought. A villager said, in recent years the village developed very fast, more and more people Village rental shop, the shop name is more and more strange, even some confusing.

sounds quite innovative, basically seen the shop name is also impressive, however, a name that really appropriate? There are some villagers on the barber shop name can not be accepted, the villagers said Mr. Lee, the court did not take the side with the barber shop, the Supreme Court as a national judicial organs, but also a symbol of dignity. This name is certainly not in line with the laws and regulations, but also give people the feeling is not serious." Mr Lee said.

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