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is also the operation of the shop, the owner will have different business, if the store business is very successful, the owner of the experience is worth more operators learn. Therefore, let Xiaobian to introduce a horse uncle’s business education, whether business operators for help.

I am here and the school is only a road, the children around us basically in this school. When it comes to business, he said: "don’t put the shopping district residents as a customer, you treat them as friends, relatives, their children, put their things as their own thing, so that we can do good business." This is the first word of Ma Yuming, a retail customer.

Martin is a retired cadres, stay at home are bored and then use the home dressing room two and his wife opened a shop, on the one hand is easy, then was I have a thing to do. With a customer’s words: Ma uncle shop is the convenience of this lane". Those who need to send water, gas, no one at home, told the uncle, uncle on the line here, the package must not bother you. And the newspapers, most of them through the horses.


said: "we have plenty of time, those young people busy at work, do something for them, it should be idle, sometimes I will put these letters to the newspaper what their home." If the children in the village school, he has not come back, Uncle Zhang here became the best "base", in addition to seriously treat these children do homework, always come up with some good food and drink to the child, not a bit stingy. Zhang uncle said: "what is this, my business is the parents of these children to take care of, who do not have children? If you look at the money, but also to do what business, what people do."

in fact, if the community shops are able to do like this, I believe is also able to obtain customer approval, and then let the shop business is hot. Although the owner of each business strategy is different, but as long as we can continue to learn from the excellent experience, I believe that the development of the store business will be of great help. So, if you are a retail store owner, Ma Yuming’s business will be helpful to the development of your business?

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