2011 the most profitable clothing franchise list

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ports ladies will as in the past to bring more fashion, more high-end products, for you to make your favorite clothing, ports, ladies, classic style, noble quality, fashionable style, exquisite craft is the soul of the brand FRCPORTS French ports.

Amoy dress to the United States according to a wide range of products, diversified spaces, diversified consumer groups to win the market. Fashion and international synchronization, multi style radiation of consumers of all ages, adhere to parity, the United States in accordance with the beauty of women’s clothing leading fashion brands to enter the era of mass consumption.

Amoy beauty according to create your own style of dress, professional services approach people. Emphasis on rapid design, rapid production, fast shipping, rapid updates, to take a quick, small, a variety of brand management thinking, according to the u.s.. Professional product consultant shopping guide, to provide you with fashion consulting, clothing care knowledge, clothing with recommendations.

Amoy beauty according to women’s agent, small investment, quick wealth, is your ideal rich project, is a business point rich project! According to the women’s beauty scouring agent, seize the time, fast action This matter should not be delayed.!

JOEM women

JOEM is designed for 25-40 years old women’s elegant, mature women in order, with dignified and elegant financial occupation, casual relaxed casual changes as a whole, pay attention to detail, can penetrate the inner beauty and can reflect the maturity of lovingly pathetic, female charm.

JOEM dress to the plain, pure color, elegant, soft, neutral. In order to meet the needs of the dress will taste and aesthetic occupation women, both take a popular fashion color in color, and keep the middle color understanding, highlighting urban white-collar inner charm and culture.

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