Cancel the schedule to Beijing Hospital online booking instead

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Beijing yesterday announced that it would abolish the schedule in the city’s municipal hospital, not an emergency will not be able to site registration, online booking system to replace the schedule.

to alleviate the difficult problem of hospital registration, the Beijing municipal authority said that this year will be in the 22 municipal hospitals to implement all non emergency comprehensive appointment. By the end of 2016, the municipal hospitals will cancel all the telephone numbers, window will no longer provide registration service, then the estimated total booking rate will reach 75%.

The establishment of

in the governance of the traffickers, plus strict management, ha said, the establishment of mobile appointment system in hospital, plus strict management, cancellation of individual doctors plus manual; explore the implementation of real name registration, the registration fee for patients completed simultaneously in the appointment registration, the establishment of back number random delivery mechanism; strengthening in clinic, the registration hall and the surrounding areas of the surveillance inspection, in conjunction with the public security departments in the registration process to gradually expand the second generation ID card reader equipment, strict management of hospitals and doctors and commercial registration network collaboration platform; the establishment of illegal use of medical resources, supervision and punishment system, the hospital internal staff involved in the collapse of the phenomenon of "zero tolerance, serious cases should be investigated hospital main party leaders responsibility.

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