Japan and South Korea in 2016 to recommend the ten major brands

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2017 came to us in a casual way, in the past 2016, how are you? As a food and beverage investor, have you been doing well in the past year? In the face of huge consumer groups, foreign specialty restaurants have entered the field of china. The abundance of meat and fish have delicious juicy fresh diet of Japanese restaurant dishes by domestic consumers, the market prospects are optimistic about the unprecedented, attracted the attention of many investors. For novice entrepreneurship, choose a good brand to join the investment is really a comparison of brains. Here, Xiaobian for everyone to sum up the 2016 China, Japan and South Korea to join the list of the top ten brands, I hope you can help.

2016 Japan and South Korea ten brands recommended:

Dahe sushi

national franchise business record companies, 20 years of market maturity brand, won the ten gold brand stores, outstanding delicacy award, won the fourth, five Chinese Guangzhou diet king "sushi king" reputation, the national expansion of the more than and 60 business chain, the formation can be copied and successful business model, franchising low risk guarantee high return.

Hand-Pulled Noodle fujiie

derived from the Japanese brand, under the health of the family group, after the authorization to Shanghai Liang Quan Catering Management Co., ltd.. The main business scope includes Japanese food, Japanese food, Hand-Pulled Noodle, stone pot, Teppanyaki, sushi skewers, etc., become the domestic famous brand Hand-Pulled Noodle.

Ji duo

under the Shenzhen easy to drink Catering Management Co., Ltd., focusing on the Oriental food chain. The pursuit of nature, advocating nature, the formation of the characteristics of Japanese cuisine. The formation of the staple food restaurant to join the cafeteria to join, and launched Ji duo are fast casual restaurant, Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan Duo Duo Hand-Pulled Noodle Teppanyaki, Yoshi Zushi joined the project, is to win the world brand.

Yamaguchi Nozushi

exists in the form of takeaway shop, is a simple and delicious food, delicious, health and nutrition, people eat a hundred tire. Because of its low investment, easy to operate, can store stalls, lucrative, quickly spreading in China, become a good young people, students, laid-off workers entrepreneurial choice.

Thailand jinxiangyuan restaurant

green leisure nutrition catering brand, become synonymous with famous Guangdong province leisure food nutrition, more variety of Thailand cuisine has been the favorite of consumers. Currently shops in Zhuhai, Macao, Shantou and other places, Zhuhai has three stores, these stores in

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