Baking industry ten major investment brands recommend

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the world can not grasp the most is the time, of course, when people have an accurate concept of time, you will feel the most valuable time. Seeing the new year in 2017 blink a few days to disappear, but he also immersed in the old year, everything happened. For example, the development of the cake shop in 2016.

according to expert research and forecast, and now the integration of the cake shop has become a new direction for the development of baking industry now, more and more entrepreneurs choose to join the cake shop to achieve the new development of the cause. In fact, choose a trusted brand to join, not only removed from the pioneering brand awareness of the difficulties, a full range of services and support can also accept the brand, to obtain technical and operational training, directly in the same industry to win the starting line. Today we look at what the reputation and service and baking to join the brand, to join the ten brands in the baking


1, European Wind sweet

is a professional engaged in European wheat sweet cake, bread, moon cake, pastry cake, coffee, ice cream, dessert, tribute tea and other comprehensive franchise chain brand, with more than 20 years of operating history in Guangzhou has been baked to join the market occupies a huge share, become a leading brand in the industry. The brand is more dependent on the product to promote the development of pure European classic flavor to create a new trend in the baking diet, one fell swoop into a trusted baking to join the ten brands.



weiduomei "with the best raw materials to make the best products" for the brand concept. The main products include cake, bread, coffee, Chinese and Western style snacks, moon cake, dumplings, etc.. The French made acid surface active yeast made baguette crispy skin, is the brand’s best-selling products.

3, Paris Bei sweet

Paris Bei sweet mainly engaged in bread, fresh sandwiches, delicious cake, pure coffee. Adhere to the quality and hygiene is the soul of the company, and to ensure that the products of high standards and high quality, safe and reliable.

4, Jin Fengchengxiang

jinfengchengxiang brand was founded in 1990s, adhering to the Taiwan west cake industry production style, from European pastry production technology, sound management, pragmatic innovation, brand awareness increasing, in the baking industry now occupies a space for one person to join.

5, maky


flag created in 1994 in Xi’an. Is a production of moon cake, cake, bread, Chinese and Western style pastry based national chain food enterprises. From the creation date, Qi always adhere to the product quality as the premise of the business philosophy, to the development of vibrant, healthy and good for the industry.

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