Tianjin to build a virtual incubator platform to help the public online Entrepreneurship

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online business is a trend, the provinces also actively improve the network entrepreneurship policy, encourage more young people to use their knowledge of online business, Tianjin first construction of virtual incubator platform, help public online business.

Ling ran Powerise (Tianjin) Animation Technology Development Co. Ltd. "" Internet plus animation "– the public record space cloud services platform" project, the use of the Internet platform to provide one-stop business service as a passenger, won the 2015 "yunchuang space Cup" prize of the two group of Tianjin innovation and Entrepreneurship competition enterprise culture and creative industry.

creating user can obtain policy advice, project promotion, business guide, financing services, subsidies and other business services through the platform, the platform also set up cable entities under the public record record passenger space, to assist implementation of government support policies, participate in creating interactive.

the existing platform project resources including 4K film restoration project and international film animation services, national key projects, augmented reality entertainment experience system, overseas R & D center, national digital content network platform based on service trade. Project plan in the next three years, the emergence of a total of 500 passengers, the creation of a group of passengers in the next line, the next line of public space to create space for the activities of the 15, to mobilize the creation of the creation of a total of 3000 creative works of passengers.


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