Can not do business over the shop

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not many people have a good price to buy something, just as an integer, often there will be a number of different, the processing method for the zero sum nature will also be different. As a retail shop owner in the business, we treat the customer can not be too preoccupied, should let the let the send to send. Otherwise, it will make customers feel that we are too stingy, leaving a bad impression.

For example: some

customers to the store to buy a commodity total amount is 101 yuan, or 20.5 yuan, while stores still willing to accept a $5 and a fraction of the gross; some customers buy large amount of goods required to send one or two yuan of money store commodity but was rejected; and also because customers purchase goods have a plastic bag, and refuse to be the owner of the above phenomenon are likely to make customers happy, never willing to visit this shop. Therefore, the store will also lose, resulting in the loss of customers.

some time ago, I shop 200 meters away from a mahjong boss to my shop to buy a pack of "furongwang (hard)" and a "Liqun (new edition)". At that time, I felt a little puzzled: in her home next to the mahjong is not a big supermarket? Why would the boss detour ran to my shop to buy, not next to the supermarket. The customer lamented in his cigarettes and change when I said: "normally go to the next supermarket near the point, they would hate to see that virtue, not to do business, they are not doing business, this man is too stingy, never prosper!" After listening to the customer’s exclamation, I was surprised to ask: "sister-in-law, ah, how, why do you say that?"


said to get angry, my husband bought a few days before the 160 yuan of money in his supermarket goods, after the last pay think home open the beer bottle opener is gone, let him send a bottle opener. Can the supermarket boss said to bottle a yuan of money, you say is not annoying? Buy one hundred or two hundred yuan of money to send a thing for such a small commodity, how is he saying the money, but my family goes to his home every day to buy a lot of supermarket goods, whether it is my need the goods, or playing mahjong, friends what to buy cigarettes, I went to his house to buy, one yuan is small but, reflect a person to do business will not do, reflect a person’s morality and quality.

there is a supermarket, he purchased a number of grapefruit, sell 10 money 3, I am afraid not good buy a try, next time you buy some delicious, if logically speaking, business people will only charge 3 yuan a, that is to say a grapefruit also only a few cents, and he charged me four yuan for one, it is not obvious to overcharge me? Moreover, every time I buy things 20 Fen Sanmao’s change I did not want him to find, but he was so stingy, so, after several times of experience, I was completely disappointed, do not want to go to his home supermarket to buy goods. Yesterday, I

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