Chu Street goods which have joined in support of hot and dry noodles

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in Chinese major capital city has its own local delicacy as their geographical name card, to Chongqing, Sichuan Hot pot facet Mala Tang, Taiwan Hongkong tea, Wuhan dessert, hot dry noodles etc.. Today we only recommend Wuhan hot and dry noodles in the well-known brands – Chu Street goods hot dry noodles.

Chu street a hot and dry noodles in Wuhan is a classic brand materials, hot and dry noodles, taste really authentic, delicious noodles with sesame paste up road to allow consumers to eat also want to eat. With fame spreading hot dry noodles in the country, to open a Chu street in other places for a hot dry noodles franchise, maybe it will open a new market, reap unexpected profit. Moreover, Chu Street goods hot and dry noodles join cost is relatively close to the people, absolutely is small investment, is generally the entrepreneur can choose, do not believe, you can see the specific details.

Chu street a hot and dry noodles join need how many money?

Chu street a hot dry noodles jiamengfei:

join fee: 17 thousand yuan

margin: 1 thousand yuan

renovation fee: 15 thousand yuan

equipment fee: 5000 yuan

standby fee: 5000 yuan

total: 43 thousand yuan.

next, you can also see more Chu Street goods hot dry noodles join advantage, after reading it, you will be assured of investment.

Chu street a hot dry noodles join advantage:

1, a huge industry outlook: breakfast is an indispensable part of people’s lives, a clean and tidy, taste great snack bar has become the first choice for people’s breakfast.

2, advanced business philosophy: "let people eat delicious, rest assured breakfast" is the core of the company’s business philosophy, but also people select the most important factors in Jiangcheng cuisines.

3, excellent brand image: after years of building, Jiangcheng food safety, nutrition, delicious and convenient "corporate image has been deeply rooted.

4, a mature business model: the famous Jiangcheng founder Chuah original business model is the crystallization after a market test for many years and is famous Jiangcheng renowned national secret.

5, a solid strength of enterprises: Jiangcheng manufacturer after years of hard work, good prices.

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