Alternative entrepreneurial story female returnees who join the new rural entrepreneurial market

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is a high standard of living, for contemporary women have no interest in farming, however, several female returnees to farming is favored a plus, and play their own advantages in the new rural construction, began his entrepreneurial career.

society of women have this kind of unconscious prejudice, they engaged in agriculture is to suffer from many social and family pressure. But there are some female returnees, but in farming on the road has achieved initial results. All this, from their strong interest in agriculture, persistent action and advanced production concepts.

farming because of the different interests is the key to

"I grew to love the unrestrained life, to Britain, is unceasingly on the European pastoral life of envy, the day men tilling the farm and women weaving is very comfortable." This is the UK Wang Xin to return the original intention of farming.

from Singapore returned to Liu Dan, another reason to enter agriculture. "When I was studying in Singapore, I have a certain understanding of the concept of healthy living abroad." Liu Dan said, carrying her ideal is commonly known as "King Kong" black potato, the potato can not only contain anti-cancer anthocyanins, but also can improve human immunity, anti-aging.

Compared with the

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