Fujian typhoon and the hippocampus will be landing 21

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Fujian as China’s coastal cities, although relying on the superior geographical position, the economy has achieved remarkable development, but there are advantages and disadvantages". As a coastal city is often visited by typhoons, is also a common thing. In October 17, the meteorological station of Fujian Province, the twenty-second typhoon this year, "in 20 days into the northeast of the South China Sea, 21 in the afternoon to night in eastern Guangdong may be landed on the southern coast of Fujian, will bring rain affect to Fujian.

"hippocampus" at 8 today has strengthened into a severe typhoon center is located in the Pacific Northwest, distance between Fujian and Guangdong located about 2360 kilometers southeast of the (601099, shares) over the ocean, near the center of the largest wind 14 (42 m / sec). Is expected to "hippocampus" move to 20 per hour to 25 kilometers speed to the north west direction, strength continue to strengthen, the strongest to reach super typhoon level (17 grade, 17 grade or above).

"hippocampus" will be 20 in the morning to wipe off or landing the northeastern coast of Luzon on the 19 night, 20 pm in the northeast of the South China Sea, then gradually to the east of Guangdong to the south of Fujian near the coast, and possibly on the 21 afternoon to night landing in the coastal zone (landing typhoon intensity grade 12 to grade 13).

affected by the typhoon, 20 in central and southern coastal Fujian, Taiwan Strait wind gust 10 8 ~ 9, 8 ~ 9 of Taiwan shoal fishing ground wind gust 10 to 11; 21, South Coast and Taiwan shoal fishing ground wind up to 9 ~ 10 gust 11 to 12; 21 to 22 days. The South and inland areas of heavy rain to rainstorm.

2016 years, is a year of heavy rainfall, but also a year of wanton typhoon, many of our cities have caused losses, especially the arrival of the typhoon, directly to the coastal cities to hit. However, due to the atmospheric circulation in the adjustment phase, there are some uncertainties in the mobile path of the typhoon, the impact of wind and rain may also be greater in Fujian. For more details about typhoon reports, please continue to pay attention to the whole network.

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