Her two foot city most cattle foot city

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if you hear a XX foot city ", you will think that this is a what kind of shops? I’m afraid in many people’s mind, this is a "feet" service shop. In fact, this idea is not wrong, however, this is not to "feet", you may not be such a name to cheat.

most cattle foot city bluff is to wash the pig


family name "two baby feet City pavement, in the upcoming demolition, suddenly became popular network, originally, the opening in the Daping" city feet "is not what people say but the vegetable market in the city feet, specially washed pig. Netizens were the creative mine down at the same time, the store will also dubbed the "best foot city history".

users: Chongqing is now the most cattle foot city

is a name for "two baby feet City store photos, but in the service content is written: wash the pig, pork…… I thought it was a real foot city, was actually a closer look washed pig!" "Flash of Joseph in the quote that he saw the shop in nine caviton Daping farmers market, was suddenly the idea floored, was photographed using a mobile phone in the store photos.

friends, which grab the fish thread that was mine down, the boss was too creative. Net friend nine saved, said the boss is too fashionable, it all came out, really cattle!

: "the most cattle people around the city feet" is famous is often used to bluff

to find the "best foot city" in the nine caviton farmers market, because the lot will be taken, the shop has been empty, but her two foot city "signs are still hanging in the house only 10 square meters in front of the store in this messy place, looks very eye-catching.

speaking of the "city feet", opened a grocery store on the nine caviton farmers market Mr. Liu said, an old classmate who had come to visit their own vegetable market, three drinks after their playfulness together to call please go to the feet, the students will be brought to the front of her two feet, with the city "be yourself laugh and cry. Mr. Liu said, this "city feet" in this area is very famous, people often take it to you and play funny.

boss: creativity from the prevailing trend

asked, found the "city feet" boss of high prosperity, when he learned that his shop is popular on the Internet after very surprised, he said he did not usually come into contact with the network, do not know their shop behind the door also on the Internet. According to him, his shop opened in 1997 to last year in December, the business has been very hot. >

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