n college business park to achieve output of 57 million 687 thousand and 800 yuan

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The establishment of

business incubator, is the development of the enterprise is a very large number of resources, the development of enterprises need such an incubator base. In a year of College Students Pioneer Park incubator enterprises 58, has brought the extremely big power for innovation and entrepreneurship.

3 31, the author from the Aral economic and Technological Development Zone was informed that the alar college business park a year to run business incubator 58, the output value of 57 million 687 thousand and 800 yuan.

alar Chen Jun said, through policy incentives and   "incubator" role, promote the transformation of entrepreneurial projects to entrepreneurial achievements, foster new economic activities, expanding employment channels, open up new business field for young entrepreneurial dreams. In 2015 a year students Pioneering Park Business Incubator 58, the output value of 57 million 687 thousand and 800 yuan.

2016 in the first quarter, and the fruit grain mountain, Xinjiang, a-jet rich electronic commerce trade, the new crown, fertilizer and other 10 enterprises settled in Huide business college business park, involved in the project of electronic commerce industry, foreign trade, cultural and creative etc.. At present, a total of 12 e-commerce companies in the development zone.


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