Open two supermarket stores to purchase it

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now, the market is very strong entrepreneurial competitiveness. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the two supermarket project, is very hot in the project. Open their own two supermarket stores, profit earned stop. Then, two open supermarket stores to purchase it?

How to purchase two

supermarket? If there is only a small scale of operation, one to the manufacturers to purchase, the cost may not stand. Small purchase, manufacturers do not love the reception, it is difficult to get more concessions on the price, it is best to go to the wholesale market to purchase goods. If it is ready for large-scale operations, such as the intention to open a number of chain stores, to the manufacturers to direct purchase than the goods from the market to be more cost-effective. In this issue, you still have to calculate the income and cost.

two supermarkets, mainly for the rural market, and some small city residential areas, for the big city, similar to the store business is very general. There are provided some high quality and inexpensive necessities, but also has the absolute price advantage, generally two supermarkets are goods in Taobao, after a batch of goods, do not confirm the payment, the first sale of a few days to see the effect, if the effect on the confirmation of payment, if the effect is not good, on the choice of mass to return, leaving part continue to sell.

two supermarket how to purchase, not much mystery, is nothing more than two major problems, first, price concessions; two, timely delivery; return and cost three, unqualified products share. In addition, the rest are small problems. This line is very simple, large quantity discount, small amount of discount is small, or even no concessions; another, all cash purchase, cash on delivery, payment, goods sold out in a lot of ways, settlement, conditions are different, the negotiations starting point is different, according to your best advantage. To talk about, no, then gradually concessions. Concessions can not be too fast too fast, but also cannot die bit his condition is not put. Begin to do, because both sides do not understand, always unavoidably have a break in process, to understand the supplier. The two sides until cooked, many problems will be smoothly done or easily solved. The process is to continue to talk about the conditions, all the conditions can not start all over. This is the basic common sense, do it quickly familiar.

small business to choose to join two supermarket stores, do not worry about the source. The market development space, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. If you to join two supermarket project very interested in. So, as soon as possible to leave a message!

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