Betta live confirm 1 billion 500 million yuan C round of financing and capital investment led Phoeni

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Betta live confirmation completed 1 billion 500 million yuan C round of financing, the current round of financing by the Phoenix investment Tencent and lead investor, venture deep, national fund for small and medium enterprises, laterite growth, Shenzhen Jiayuan, fashion capital, Shanghai (Hong Meng Zhi Cheng), Nanshan capital with the cast.


Betta live

They not only become the first

into the C round of network broadcast platform, also refresh the live world record of financing, which indicates that the Chinese network broadcast industry into a new period of development.

less than half a year cumulative financing over 2 billion

it is reported that in March 15th this year, they announced the completion of $100 million (about 670 million yuan) financing. Among them, the Tencent invested 400 million yuan collar investment, Sequoia Capital, Nanshan capital with investment. As of C round of financing, fund-raising total Betta live more than 2 billion yuan this year.

according to Founder Securities is expected in 2016 to reach the size of the market reached 15 billion in 2020, will reach $60 billion, CICC research report that even in 2020 will become a hundred million live broadcast industry.

face has a huge space for development of the broadcasting market, holding sufficient funds will be realized in no hurry to fish energy business model, put more time and money to increase the number of users, improve the user experience, to create high-quality live content etc..

C round lead investment side rich entertainment resources

as the betta C round of financing led Party voted one of the Phoenix investment is a low-key private equity fund mergers and acquisitions, involved in culture, entertainment, sports and health, consumer and other fields, in the field of domestic and foreign well-known company and TMT platform company leader in the depth of investment and mergers and acquisitions. The combined investment, will further enrich and improve the entertainment industry layout, the future is full of imagination.

another leading investment side Tencent, as the Internet industry’s most representative of the enterprise, its every move has a profound impact on the development of the industry. It is reported that in the B round lead investor, Tencent and Betta in copyright, resources and other aspects of in-depth cooperation; in the future will also be in more areas and expand the cooperation of multiple macropodus.

Tencent holdings optimistic about the development of live broadcast industry

according to iResearch report released in April 2016, 2015 China online broadcast platform number close to 200, of which the network broadcast of the market size of about 9 billion yuan, the network broadcast platform, the number of users reached 200 million people.

at the same time, as the official data for March 2016 Betta live shows, DAU is 15 million, 200 million months to live, has occupied 70% market share in the segments, in the online broadcast industry leadership.

broadcast industry has undoubtedly become a hot Internet outlet, Betta development has become the industry to a certain extent on the fly

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