Yunnan, Yongshan 7 million yuan loans help grassroots party members

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for many grassroots cadres in rural areas, is a very good place, because have a very broad market and in the rural area, at the same time, some rural cadres identity is also there have been some changes, it is not only a leader, or people and business leaders.

in steps, take individual applications, the party organization audit recommendations, credit approval, the loan applicant to the village Party branch group filed a written application (the applicant does not have a group of villagers Party branch directly to the village (community) Party organizations to apply), fill in the "grass-roots party members to lead the masses to entrepreneurship rich loan recommendation form", and according to the requirements to provide the loan booklet copy of the applicant, the loan applicant, common loan (repayment), the guarantor of the loan applicant a copy of ID card, proof of marital status as well as the lender for the other materials etc.. Group Party branch and village (community) Party organizations on the loan (application) of the qualification examination, submit branch meeting to discuss consent in the village (community) within the scope of publicity for 3 days. After publicity without objection, the village (community) party organization is mainly responsible for the grass-roots party organizations signed and stamped with the seal, and then relevant materials audit checks by the township party committee, the township party committee issued an audit opinion and affix the seal of Party organization, and the relevant materials the county Party Organization Department, County Committee Organization Department audit qualified after the credit union approval. The credit union received the county organization department recommended materials, are reviewed according to the related loan provided by the borrower, in line with the conditions of the loan, the timely payment of loans.

the county requirements of Party organizations at all levels to strictly inspect the recommended application, careful analysis of loans, loan demand, combined with the masses of Party members and the ability to repay the credit to recommend work, actively cooperate with the credit union to do the post loan management and tracking service, timely check the loan capital flows and usage, to help guide the development of the lender to strengthen the project, reduce market risk, improve the success rate of entrepreneurship. Zcsu business outlets in accordance with the "grass-roots party members to lead the masses to get rich loans related requirements and task decomposition in time to comply with the conditions of the party members and the masses loan business. To strict work discipline, and resolutely put an end to resort to deceit, such behavior, explain away to recommend excellent affectionate friends.

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