The 73 phase of entrepreneurship Salon the methodology of science and Technology Entrepreneurship

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held in Shanghai the 73 stage entrepreneurial salon invited start-up investment chairman, renowned angel investor Wang Yingchu, for students to bring a very entrepreneurial approach for science and technology theory, at the same time, also shows the initial investment sophisticated field research.

2016 March 23rd four pm, hosted by the Shanghai Jiaotong University Branch Center seventy-third entrepreneurship salon in the Shaw building innovation laboratory opened 101. The event invited the founder of the investment bank, a well-known angel investor Wang Yingchu with the University of science and technology to share the eyes of investors in the entrepreneurial approach.

after Wang Yingchu and easy for the students to explain the construction technology and the system of entrepreneurship, about the process of humor. Starting from the common misconceptions about entrepreneurship, Wang Yingchu introduces the technology of all aspects of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and the introduction of inequality key elements of new concept, the presence of the students are listening carefully and diligently record.

"through dismantling the integrity of laid-off" and "a close call is exaggerated, I see nine hundred and ninety-nine dead life" and other classic quotations, let people laugh over, and thinking, harvest.

"Chinese in control is very powerful, but it is not the basic hardware!"

"even though we know that this is likely to be done, but we still have to vote, it is a problem to be solved!"

Wang Yingchu detailed answer to think more deeply about the students, let everyone feel he China on the development of the field of artificial intelligence and a sense of expectation.

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