Rattan furniture ten brands list

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used to create a variety of woven vines, with practical nature of the furniture at the same time, retains the original nature of rattan, this product is a fatal temptation for countless people. Rattan furniture since ancient times, China’s traditional furniture, which has a long history of raw materials and technology sources. Therefore, a lot of rattan furniture brands in China, a lot of rattan furniture brands are old brands, especially those rattan furniture ten brands gradually developed into the industry leader. In recent years, rattan furniture unity with its unique shape and function, technology and materials, value and practical height again won the people’s favor, the type, structure, shape, technology and product trade ushered in the great development prospect. Rattan furniture, the ten major brands of furniture in the modern market has a strong appeal, glow infinite vitality and vitality.

Chinese rattan furniture scale according to each period is different, but the rattan furniture brands have never been reduced, the rattan furniture brand production of rattan furniture brings rural air fresh and clean, quiet elegant to people’s life, people can alleviate the pressure of life in a certain extent, enable people to recover the original simplicity. Comfortable, comfortable life. Next, I will give you a list of Chinese rattan furniture ten brands list, as owners of rattan furniture brand reference, I hope to be able to read carefully.

rattan furniture ten brands list first: Mr. Z

rattan furniture brand Mr. hobby products mainly for middle and senior rattan furniture, he skillfully with the natural characteristics of rattan and wood and their long, elaborate design, original use in every product, make the product just down the benefits of the play: Kennedy soft and flat plate simple and strong personality, rattan wood, fully show the designer’s expertise and experience, to become the first brand worthy of the name of rattan furniture.

rattan furniture ten brands list of the top second: Yu Da furniture

rattan furniture brand furniture Yuda Co. Ltd. is located in Guangdong south of the Five Ridges Chinese vine Township, is a rattan franchise business enterprise, gathered a group of skilled craftsmen, with Indonesia imported rattan raw materials, developed a "family" small rattan rattan Carpenter "Carpenter" two big brands. "Rattan carpenter family with rattan structure, to wash Black Tea tone accessories, reflect the rich, elegant, gorgeous style;" small rattan Carpenter "mainly based on Walnut lettuce, and color collocation, show fresh and natural rattan furniture and fashion style.

rattan furniture ten brands list of the top third: rattan rattan rattan furniture

rattan furniture brand in Guangdong Foshan City South Hao Furniture Co. Ltd., founded the famous domestic and foreign outstanding brands: rattan palace. Design and manufacture of high quality products, all through the national patent office audit, access to design patent certificate

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