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then joined the project one by one, let a person a little too busy to attend to all what kind of projects, but is the most profitable? I’m afraid everyone is thinking about it. With the rapid growth of the number of private cars, how to drive a car shop? The car accessories shop to make money? With the car owners to grow, more and more people love to dress up their car, what stores the most money? I think the car accessories shop super money, small perfume, small pendants, ashtray the small doll, and so on are certainly not by Aicheyizu love.

the current surge in private car ownership, into thousands of households, car accessories heat also is rising, many car people (especially female owner) spend hundreds of thousands or even more money to decorate his own car. Many car owners have a desire to own a car to have a beautiful, personalized car changes. There are a lot of opportunities to be excavated in the car accessories shop. Perfume, dolls, steering wheel cover, CD box, floor mats, cool stickers, camping items, rear view mirror sets, tissue boxes, ashtrays, etc., are a huge market demand.

currently on the market many car accessories pays great attention to humanized design, fashion, jewelry and any settings and performance without changing the layout of the car, do not need to spend much money to achieve good results, especially by car owners like. Especially young people, want to decorate the car, "cool gens" ideas are the most incisive play and display.

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good mind: automotive supplies in the decoration industry, although the market is very promising, but has always been that low profit, small scale industry development difficult, low starting point, many businesses, but there is no clear direction and ideas, so has been showing a slow and sluggish state, the initial investment of automobile the shop of the people, is undoubtedly a sober agent, that is to remind investors must not let down, blind investment, must be optimistic about the situation, to see their own strength, just to make the right decision.

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